Sunday, March 7, 2010

August 2006

The documentary stage does not end but it does change. Rather than constantly taking pictures and choosing the best photo, I began to think more about framing, lighting, color, and my friends actions in the frame while taking the photo. My documentation became more organized and more experimental.
In the piano picture, I experimented with the bulb for the first time. The bulb is a setting that allows an open shutter for as long as I wish, allowing pictures to be taken in settings with little to no light. When taking pictures inside houses with low light, I would contort my body into awkward positions or build tripods out of books and found objects to just to hold the camera steady enough during very slow shutter speeds. I still don't own a tripod, but I am saving up for one. I think it's time, though the awkward positions are fun.


Jessica said...

Silly Kiley! Buy a Tripod, they are like $20-60. You can totally do it! I guess contortionism is cool though, if thats what you're into :)

wholovesthesky said...

I will get one eventually.

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