Tuesday, February 25, 2014

365 project from February

I will be taking my 56th photo today. Keeping up with one image a day is becoming more of a habit now. Before, it was a challenge to decide on what to photograph. I was very stuck on only producing what I thought to be "good" images and was trying too hard. Now that things are becoming more routine about 2 months in, I am able to produce a more laid back style of documenting. It's great practice to get out of self-pressure.

Here are some highlights from February:

 photo photo3_zpsac58e093.jpg  photo photo21_zps5439beea.jpg
This window is my nemesis. I locked myself out of the house again. // The early morning rising shine is making getting up for work a whole lot easier.

 photo photo4_zpsf910b158.jpg  photo photo31_zps5978d8ca.jpg
All the baked goods!!!! Handmade dough in Portland // donuts for breakfast in Santa Cruz.

 photo photo11_zps011cf40f.jpg  photo photo2_zps7db53fa0.jpg
Being in a long distance relationship is really hard. I find myself giving begrudging looks to my bed and ceiling often. Bed wrinkles for one // stupid happy, magical ceiling.

Full project can be seen on Instagram @letitberaw. 

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