Friday, April 4, 2014

365 Project from March

I'm getting pretty close to the 100th picture. I will feel accomplished with that number. Small and easy accomplishment, yes, but I'm making myself do this thing every day and keeping up with it makes me feel good about myself. Is that a good enough reason to keep doing this project? Yes. And no one can take that away from me. Woo!

 photo 299C81AB-7C5A-44B6-A192-C897BE026B59_zpsdlhub9x5.jpg  photo F05AE96E-0127-4B79-AB45-37DE36E42D76_zpsy2hubutu.jpg
Doggy pariscope through the moon roof. // Spring blossoms in San Jose.

 photo A91FFBF9-7479-4681-820F-5C26F8CCA942_zps5j3zckux.jpg  photo 5AEC6A5A-FC7E-495F-B9B2-35A24B94238C_zps9zh6cvna.jpg
The smell of slow cooking meats greets me each morning as I wait at the bust stop. Sometimes I appreciate the smell. Sometimes it makes me feel gross. // I slept there, on that couch, in a sun room. IT WAS MAGICAL! It was like camping in a warm, cozy, bubble.

 photo A376AA25-8799-433F-82DC-7AF654943814_zpskrhnenwd.jpg  photo 4F713CFB-DB5B-4107-A135-DC4125FDD4C3_zpsbbfrwqsx.jpg
I've taken this picture multiple times. I will not stop. // Sunset from my windowsill.

 photo 4BD920EB-F00B-44D5-ADB5-45E8AF9F7515_zpsom1ybozy.jpg  photo 711FED6F-DFDF-43FF-AEFE-896BDB4406A3_zpsvrjvvjqw.jpg
Finds from an even ocean walk. // Seals aka mermaid dogs in a giant, floating, cuddle pile.

 photo E768B28E-DB55-432A-832C-EAD1B4A3D4E1_zps4wm6pkeg.jpg  photo 0361DA11-F1C8-469B-B952-156A5A5212F0_zpsvtyl6ka9.jpg
Crab face. // My foraging buddy found a log with oyster mushrooms.

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