Monday, February 3, 2014

110 pt 2

I don't remember where I took these images. I also don't remember when, except for the general time of Summer, 2013. But I really, really like them!

 photo 898872486_zps6611b55d.jpg

 photo b2981917-12bd-48c7-bb05-32c07e123c7c_zps8d64b3b8.jpg

 photo 898872645_zps66ba800b.jpg

Ok, so I know this last image is of San Francisco. But the other two? Probably Santa Cruz? Maybe? A dream?

The 110 film shines with landscapes and outside images in bright light. I have a few poorly exposed images that I took with a flash that did NOTHING. Also, overcast images did not fair very well, but the darkness and the grain are something I appreciate. Will I use this film again? Probably not. In the end it was too expensive for the outcome, though I did have fun. 

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