Friday, January 31, 2014

110 Film from Summer of 2012 pt 1

I went through 3 rolls of 110 film rather quickly during the summer of 2012. I photographed with abandon, not expecting the expired film I was using to work, not expecting to find a place to develop it.

The finished rolls sat on a shelf. Every once and a while I would look at them and think about researching places to develop. I would have a circle of thoughts going from, "it will be too expensive, why bother" to "no one will develop it" to "they're probably blank rolls anyways" and then forget about the rolls until this same circle logic returned after I saw the sad little rolls sitting on the shelf again.

Why did this happen? Why did I so thoughtfully procrastinate? I don't know. Maybe I just like the surprise that comes with developing rolls of film after completely forgetting what I shot with them.

So, here I go now in sharing some of the 110 film with you and my attempts at remembering why this picture happened.

 photo 12224092804_969deaa713_b08-34-03-911_zps342ac488.jpg
 photo 898872985_zps87743632.jpg photo 898872704_zpsd54c72a2.jpg

I made a point of taking pictures of lighted signs thinking to myself "this is a photo project I can do!" But, I forgot immediately after taking only 3 pictures of signs. Life long project?

 photo 898873008_zpscfa9f27a.jpg  photo 898873025_zps22208935.jpg

 photo 12223683415_a1549fdc03_b_zpsd87dcaaa.jpg

 photo 898873037_zpsd5e88fe5.jpg  photo 898873016_zps07a5ac4b.jpg

 photo 12223861533_828e79dab3_b_zpsbd358531.jpg

 photo 898873002_zpse9ab2d12.jpg  photo 898872969_zps63e1999e.jpg

 photo 4d3c348d-efcd-462b-a5c4-8c044a56bad0_zpsf535d783.jpg

 photo 898872727_zps5096fd4f.jpg  photo 898872712_zps5a3d350c.jpg

 photo 12224266826_ba8fcc678e_b_zps74075397.jpg

 photo 12223683185_46e4efeb23_b_zpsf2e78583.jpg photo 12224271426_6030266458_b_zpsaea78d66.jpg

 photo 12224094194_000d753db2_b_zps161b2dd3.jpg  photo 898872523_zpsc3169b06.jpg

It only makes sense that I would eventually get around to photographing all that I can within walking distance of my house. This is where I live and the things I see every day that I compulsively photograph. I have multiple pictures of the same images, especially of spaces that are physically the closest to me, like this shelf:

 photo 898872556_zps46e16894.jpg

My intention then with the 110 camera that could possibly be broken with film that had expired was to not think very much about taking different or new images. I took snap shots. This may be the reason why it took me so long to finally develop the film: I see these things every day.

3 comments: said...

I have this same EXACT thought process every time I look at the roll of film with "Kiley" scrawled across the top in black marker.

Our double exposure mail switcharoo roll is sitting on my desk as we speak.

I have excuses, but you don't want to hear them. I will mail it to you someday, I promise. said...

Oh and the photo of the sunbeams way out on the ocean is gorgeous.

Let It Be Raw said...

Yes! If you do decide to mail it, let me know! I may have a different address from the last time we emailed, so we can check in.

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