Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wasn't my birthday in May?

Yes. Yes it was. That is how swamped I've been with finding a place to live and moving and friends/family's graduations. I have film from the last month! I used 2 toy cameras over my birthday/memorial weekend, a fisheye and plastic point and shoot. I started a tradition of having 2-4 cameras on hand for my bday so friends can take pictures of whatever they want! I always enjoy what other people snap, and it's fun to guess who took what picture.

Here are toy camera birthday images by friends and me:

 photo 7.jpg
It's not my brithday unless there is a llama involved. I have a theory that llamas are basically giant cats.

 photo 3.jpg
Frisbee is also a part of the tradition. You can see last years frisbee pics here.

 photo 4.jpg
This is my new favorite picture. I mean, look at them! Staring at the BBQ with hungry eyes... and Nick is stuffing his face. BBQ cures hang overs I'm pretty sure.

 photo 8.jpg
We went to a barn party on memorial day, the day after my bday party, and listened to an awesome Irish band until late at night. My friend Meghan sang the Proclaimers song 500 miles. It was... I can't even explain how great that was. Thank you friends for being so ridiculous and loving!

Over all I had a super memorial weekend and am feeling good so far about being 25. Now if only I could get back to posting regularly and taking more pictures...

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cb said...

sounds like a great birthday weekend!! an irish band in a barn? awesome! looks like an awesome place! xo,

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