Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I haven't shared any of my favorite meals on this blog in quite a long time! I really enjoy cooking and experimenting with meals. I'm so busy during the week that I often reuse past grocery lists and reuse the food from that list in a different way so I don't get bored. This salad was a result of one of those lists and the result of my love of fingerling potatoes.

It's a salad that's simple, healthy and hearty.

  1. Bake fingerling potatoes at 425 till done (about 25 minutes with olive oil, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and cider vinegar)
  2. Hard boils eggs!!!
  3. Chop up lettuce and tomatoes (I use my favorite - yellow heirloom tomatoes).
  4. Put all the veggies in a bowl and toss with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and cider vinegar.
  5. Add dried cranberries and goat cheese. Sometimes I like to add nuts.
  6. Slice hard boiled eggs to add on top of salad, and don't forget to add the fingerlings!!


cb said...

That is a great salad. We make something similar to that, that i love. We had a salad tonight with eggs. Eggs are amazing arent they.

Let It Be Raw said...

Farm fresh eggs are my life now! I eat so many that I can actually notice a change in the strength and feel of my hair.

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