Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I closed my Etsy Shop

I just got rid of it now three seconds ago... and here is why.

It was neglected
When I first opened it, I had a lot of items, spent a lot of time working on it and making items/prints for it, had great ideas on what to do, and worked on it every day. I was also unemployed when I first opened the shop. Now, I don't have enough time, don't care as much as I did, and am not pleased with the directions and items I had available. I didn't even look at it for one whole month.

I was not making a profit
At all. It wasn't a huge loss - I did enjoy doing it at the time so it was never work to me. I sold 3 items, that was nice, but it wasn't enough to keep the shop open. Maybe if I have more of a direction and ready designs I will reopen the shop.

I didn't have a plan
These kinds of things take time - I didn't exactly have a plan laid out and wasn't making enough of an effort to put myself out there or learn business practices.

It's not what I want to do right now
This is obvious point #1. I have to want to do it, and I don't. Having the shop was a good idea not too long ago and it gave me some hope during a crappy time in my life. But I started a new job, I'm looking for a place to live, want to do some traveling, I'm working on taking pictures of people - the shop doesn't fit in anywhere right now.

a man alone
Design for a print in the shop that kinda fell through

So good-bye Etsy shop! Maybe some day in the future we will reunite and make good things!

1 comment:

Chrissy said...

I did the same thing a few days ago for the same reasons!
Maybe I will return one day as well! xxx

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