Thursday, May 24, 2012

Claire and Steven

I went to Arcata over Mother's day do go to my friends' graduation. It was a little bitter-sweet as graduations are... a sort of end of an era kind of thing.

In particular, one of my friends and his room mates where graduating and moving out of their house to far away places. It wasn't my good-bye, but I was still feeling pretty sad about it all. One of the roommates, Claire, asked me to take a picture of her and her partner because they're moving far apart (her - Alaska, him - California Bay Area). I'm glad there was a camera at my eyes the whole time because I was pretty teary-eyed.




My free trial of photoshop ran out so I need to find some other way to edit these. I used my Nikon Nikkormat (35mm) but the meter was running a little funky. I changed the battery but I think there is something wrong with the sensor. One day I'll get a hand-held light meter and all my problems will be solved!

Besides the lighting issue, I like these images. The colors are nice and the love between the two is very sincere. I'm glad I had a camera with me.

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