Monday, April 16, 2012

Crossing off the list

Good news! I meant to get this out over the weekend, but didn't quite find the time - because I was too excited shooting with my new DSLR!!!! For Christmas, my great friend Devin pulled a bunch of my family and friends together and got them all to give me a starter fund for a DSLR. I have been saving up since December and finally took the leap last week to order a new camera. I couldn't be more thankful! I will be sending out thank you cards and giving a print to everyone who helped me.


I'm super stoked, but also nervous about how many new things I need to learn. But in the big picture, this is just another step to having my own business. Also, I get to cross something off my 30 by 30 list :)


Angel said...

Awesome. Congrats! Getting a new/updated camera is always so exciting. :]

cb said...

oh man that is super exciting! i love your pictures so it will be exciting to see different styles from you! what a great family you have!

Sy said...

great shots

chantilly said...

the photo of the little bouquet and your blue nails is really fantastic (and actually makes me want to get that color!) x

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