Monday, January 16, 2012

My Favorite from Summer


This is a mash of images from summer in Arcata, CA, and a meadow mushroom spore print. I'm a huge, huge fan of double exposure and am sort of embarrassed to admit I never really did them with 35mm until last summer. I shared the images in this post, but never shared a great detail of this image (I may do this with some others, too). I'm excited to make double exposures again, especially with the season time mash (Arcata images happened in Summer and the spore print in Fall).

It would be interesting to do, if I was patient enough, to shoot a whole roll now and then wait a few years and take double exposures over it. It would be a time mash, which could be pretty interesting.

What do you think? Any other mashing ideas?


Mallory said...

I once read about shooting the roll, mailing it to someone else to shoot, then mailing it back.


Let It Be Raw said...

Yes, I am so down to do that. Do you think the film would make is safely in the mail throught heat/weather?

cb said...

so beautiful! i love this picture so so much!

Anonymous said...

I think the film would survive, if you put it back in one of those plastic tubes it usually comes in. We should do that! California versus Ohio? That'd be interesting.
Also, it'd be cool to take double exposures of various plants and stuff throughout the year to see them go through their blooming/growth process.

Nicole said...

Love it! the result is really amazing!
thanks for sharing, its really inspiring!


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