Monday, January 2, 2012

New layout

I'm going to be selfish and say this blog is for me now. I follow lots of fantastic blogs which I read daily and will occasionally spotlight here, but I will not be doing button sharing here anymore. So feel free to keep or delete my button.

I keep getting closer to the layout I desire, but I'm not quite there yet. This is close, but still something is off.

Other than that, I have instagram on my phone now for any of you who are interested. My user name is letitberaw. Here are some things I've posted so far:


"smug Louie"

"Deer at the library"

1 comment:

cb said...

LOVE the new lay out sweetie! it looks really great! also will be sending you a picture on thursday of the fabrics i have! sorry it has taken so long, the holidays are like time suckers!
hehe happy new year!

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