Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beginning of the Photo Project

Nick by Let It Be Raw
Nick, a photo by Let It Be Raw on Flickr.

So, putting my color film project aside for my photo class, I am now working on a new project in black and white.

I'm trying to make a project that consists of taking aspects of beauty or daily activities that people do to make themselves reach a certain standard of beauty, then presenting these ideas out of context.

My idea for this project isn't very clear with this picture alone, but as I post more I'm hoping it will become something that can be interpreted without explanation. Will see.

As always with these projects, they seem to turn on me at some point and become something else. This 10 picture project isn't due until the middle or so of June, so I suspect I may have an entirely different description for this project then.

I was trying to do something that represented the beauty of a clean mouth (both in language and hygiene) and beautiful lips. I used mint leaves for taste and mustard flowers for beauty. I wanted to make sure the plants were edible so Nick wouldn't choke.

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