Monday, April 25, 2011

Green plants and pale hands

Nick and I made terrariums, which lead to a lot of pictures of hands and foliage. I really like the way moss, green shades, and other forest textures look like next to skin. It's a nice contrast.

I haven't really had a lot of time lately to work on my project of skin and nature because I'm taking a photo class. For some reason, I decided to do an entirely different project from the one I already started. This new project is in black and white film and is going to be something about the oddness of different conceptions of beauty taken out of context. I think it will make more sense once I can post the pictures, but so far I have a broken scanner and only hit the developing lab once a week. It is due mid June, but I'm hoping to share some prints before then.

ps. This last picture is a little blurry and over exposed because I held the camera with one hand while Nick took the picture with his free hand. And even though we are both right handed, we used our left hands to operate the camera. I like it mainly because of the story behind it.

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