Saturday, July 10, 2010

Uvas 2009

What type of film that is used can change the tones, temperature, and over all feel of pictures dramatically. Even though I took this set on a sunny day in Uvas, I was using a light temperature film, Kodak vivid color, and now these photographs looks like they were taken on a cloudy day or early morning. Kodak VC is meant more for portraits and gives more of a natural color and effect to photographs. I have also found that Kodak tends to be of a colder temperature than Fuji, and makes great use of blues, greens, purples, etc. Anyways, film should not be overlooked, and is one more thing for me to think about besides lighting, subject, time of day, aperture, shutter speed, color... The more I learn about photography, the longer it takes for me to take one picture.

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Anonymous said...

The road to personal style is cluttered with experimenting, technical failures, aesthetic crises, and all kinds of adventures both good and bad. Good Luck!!!

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