Monday, July 12, 2010

Experiments in 2010

Two more experiments! The first two photos involve tilt-sifting, which involves taking the lens off the camera and tilting it in front of the body of the camera, guessing with the focus, then taking a picture. The point of this is to make it seem as if everything is miniature. My two attempts didn't work that well because it was hard finding a place where things would look interesting as miniature, and also because the focus is a huge guess and didn't work for me. I have not experimented much with that technique sense then. The second experiment involves longer shutter speeds to catch movement in water. It's difficult to do without a tripod, and I'm really surprised that the first photo actually came out. Neat. Actually, I don't even think the last photo was part of the experiment. I think it was really my attempt to capture water droplets in sunlight or maybe those annoying small bugs that hover in sun spots. Experimentation never really ends with photography. I keep thinking I've tried everything, then I discover something new. Also neat.

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