Monday, November 25, 2013

35mm from Colorado to Missouri (Sorry, Kansas)

A theme from this trip has been a views of the sky and large, open spaces. There are very few pictures of other people, other than my travel buddy. And I skipped Kansas entirely in the photo process, partly because we drove 10 hours straight and didn't stop much. Once we arrived to St Louis, Missouri, we were surrounded by buildings and people.

I had such a great time and really enjoyed visiting states I had not seen before. A lifetime goal would be to see more of the U.S. and attempt to see all the states. This country is HUGE.

c is for conifer
C is for Conifers, my kind of trees

Small town in the high altitude of Goergetown, CO. I have never been to a swiss mountain town, but this is what I imagine it to look like. There was a lake, mountain goats, friendly people, beautiful mountains and blue skies.

St. Louis Missouri has the most brick buildings I have ever seen.

My friend's house with a beautiful, bright red door.

between homes
Small gap between brick houses.


Plak Lastin said...
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Plak Lastin said...

Loved them all. I adore views of large sky and open spaces, so I am fascinated by these awesome photographs of beautiful lakes, mountains and blue skies.
Port Macquarie Photographer

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