Thursday, September 5, 2013

Medium Format from the Road Trip

I'll have some more images to share soon from the road trip (still waiting on finishing a roll of 35mm). But for now, I have some 120mm film to share! 

Eric and I traveled from Santa Cruz, CA through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Kansas to end our trip in St. Louis, Missouri. I took the most photographs in Utah and Colorado because they were our most pleasant and beautiful drives.

Driving through the Salt Flats of Utah (and very happy to be out of Nevada).

I was very impatient to get out of the car and take photos while traveling across the Salt Flats. There was no where to stop on the highway, so I had to wait as patiently as I could until we crossed. Eric was also patient with me.
Thanks, buddy!

Somewhere in Utah I took a grainy and somewhat blurry photo.

This is a place I am very excited about! Eric and I stopped in a ghost town on our way through Utah. I have much more photos of this town on another roll of film. It was a very eerie and interesting place out in the middle of nowhere.

This is from the very top of a summit in Colorado that over looked the Rocky Mountains. It was 2 miles above sea level. Eric and I had a hard time in the altitude... We were dizzy, nauseous, and amazed by the mountains.

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Eric Bablinskas said...

Would I road trip with Kiley again? Yes, yes I would. Any time!

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