Sunday, August 11, 2013

Camping in Pescadero 1

I went camping with some wonderful friends in late July. It was very lazy, pull your car up, easy camping. It was great to just kick back, grill, play frisbee, and run around in the forest. I brought a couple cameras with me, a brownie and a Nikon. I'm not sure if the brownie works, so getting the film developed will be a surprise. My staple camera is the 35mm Nikon, and I used film that expired in 2007. I just love the colors and the grain of expired film :)

Driving in the mountains

 photo 2013July05_zpsd99c6c20.jpg
Bubbles, sass, friends, and beer!

 photo 2013July07_zps4c30bbf7.jpg

 photo 2013July09_zps50212937.jpg
There is always, somewhere, a boy in a tree.

 photo 2013July06_zpsf288f75d.jpg

 photo 2013July04_zps91beb0ae.jpg

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