Friday, January 4, 2013

Fungus Identification #04

More fungi! This time from mid December... I give the latin name first, then the common name in quotations. I'm not 100% about everything I identify. It's hard work, but very satisfying once the identification mystery is solved.

Armillariella mellea - Honey mushrooms! A very tiny family.

Mystery bolete
Not 100% identified. I have a couple ideas though... It could be the "boring brown bolete" or the "poor mans slippery jack". Either way, both names do not give too much hope to this little mushroom. 

Bolete cross section
You can really see the tubes in this cross section (same shroom from above). Mushrooms are fascinating.

puff ball cross section
Lycoperdon foetidum - "Dark puffball". This was is very fresh; no spores yet!

puff ball cross section
Vascellum pratenise - "Field puffball". Notice the green in the middle; those are spores!

Spore print and ID set up
This is generally what my set up looks like when I'm working on identification. The mushroom caps are covered with a class and set on white paper so I can get a spore print. The color of the spores help me to identify what type of fungi I've found. The class help by keep the caps undisturbed, which can create vivid spore prints like the image below.

As always, more mushrooms to follow! I also have some film to share that involve love and bicycles. Hopefully I can get those edited and up next week.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... I like the puffball ones. They remind me of mushrooms I used to kick in my dad's backyard and they'd explode in a powdery mess.

cb said...

I love the prints so much! Maybe you could frame them? Xo

Let It Be Raw said...

I need to figure some way of making the spores seal on paper. It's like alight powder so as soon as you move the paper all the spores fall off.

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