Monday, December 3, 2012

Jackie + Billy's Engagement pt 2

See part 1 here.

Pogonip park has an old lime kiln that you can walk on top of that makes me feel like I'm walking around in the trees. It provided one of the best back drops for the photo shoot. The leaves were amazing  thanks to Fall - the background would have been a little boring if everything was green. These are the things I think about when taking photographs.

This pose and that dress makes Jackie look like a ballerina :)


Untitled           Untitled

For the photo below, I very very carefully attached my camera to a fence (I left the tripod in the car *sigh*) and set a timer. Then, Jackie and Billy posed while I threw a pile of leaves in the air and jumped out of the frame just in time for the shot. It was ridiculous and didn't work that well. More often than not, there was a leaf in someone's face. I also have some cute photos of J + B throwing leaves in the air and trying to kiss before all the leaves hit the ground. Also ridiculous to do (I think we tried it 5 times or so before giving up) but really cute. I'm going to make the best looking one into a gif.

Never leave home without a tripod. 



Chrissy said...

Beautiful photos, especially that last one!
Happy Monday xxx

Angel said...

So sweet. Love the one with the leaves falling. Beautiful.

cb said...

These are so great. The backdrop is gorgeous and i love the one of them walking away holding hands, its so sweet!

Elisha said...

SO cute. Seriously!

Beth Shephard said...

These are adorable and so well done!

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