Monday, July 30, 2012


Some very great photographers are currently on exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art! Photography is my jam, so I'm definitely going to the MOMA, but if you're in the bay area you should take a moment to appreciate photography and check it out.

I friggin' love Cindy Sherman. She takes identity and representation to a whole new level all by doing very imaginative self-protraits. She can be in a photo anyone that she wants to be!

One super fantastic thing she did besides take great self-portraits was show up at the opening of her exhibit at the MOMA and not tell anyone who she was. What I mean by this is that everyone knew she was there, but they didn't know who she was. How great is that? Someone could have been standing right next to her and had no idea...

Another great reason to go is to see work by another photographer, Naoya Hatakeyama. He is a landscape photographer that takes a lot of images of land in transition after disasters, making a point of showing us that nature is a stronger force in shaping land than we humans are. 

My point in showing this and trying to get you to go to a museum - photography is important!


Casey Schenkelberg said...

There was a great piece on This American Life, the episode called Switcheroo, where Ira meets a woman who claims to be Cindy Sherman at the exhibit. Then he talked to her on the phone, only to have her claim she never was at the exhibit that day! There's some great further listener encounters on the website too.

cb said...

I love going and looking at sfmoma's photography exhibits. I have been to a few. If i have some time, i will check this one out.

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