Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Usually when I take photos, it is of something I see and not something that I create or stage. With this set of three it isn't as obvious, however I was trying to actively find things that I could group together into a subject rather than stumbling upon things. I was trying to aim for something mystical, magical, colorful and feminine. Moths, crystals, and cats seem to somehow fall into this category by accident but I think they really do work together. The moth photo looks to me like a spell/soup that has just been cast with green, reds, and yellows. The crystals by their selves are pretty yes, but they are definitely more magical and mysterious when formed into shapes. And cats can be associated with femininity and witchyness.
I've wanted to be a witch when I was a little Christian girl, a witch like the ones I read about in fairytales and books. Sometimes they were bad and persecuted, but most of the time they were strong, intelligent, clever, beautiful, and whimsical women. This is probably why Jesus didn't interest me as much.

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