Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally December

It feels great to have photos to share again. I've been waiting too long between rolls. The two above are mushrooms in macro. I tried to trace the events that involve identifying, but it was getting dark too quickly and the mushrooms were getting slimy. Macros give another view of the mushroom so that I study it much more than I would by just holding them in my hand. Drawing also helps in the identifying process because you begin to understand much more about fungus.
This blanket fabric is a very nostalgic picture for me. Something about soft, bunched fabric with shadows and texture is very comforting. I really enjoy the pictures Jessica H has taken of blankets and fabrics. They make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

More to come soon. I have many pictures with dark background that require me to use a better scanner. The scanner I use leaves far too many streaks and whitens my pictures. Scanners do that anyways, but having a scanner that is specifically used for pictures is a step up. I want them to look as great as they do in my hands.

As always, larger resolution files and more pictures can be found here.

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