Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Test Shots

I did some wedding test shots with Jackie last weekend at the beautiful Joseph D Grand county park in San Jose. It was warm, summery, and really fun! It also helped calm a bit of the jitters I have in shooting the wedding. The location looks just like home - there are are old ranch houses, large oak trees and foothills. These are a few of my unedited favorites from the day:

Ceremony! photo DSC_0034_zps0a8ed2ae.jpg
Beautiful Oak Tree!

 photo DSC_0055_zps6d71bf46.jpg

 photo DSC_0056_zps28ed32ee.jpg

LARPers photo DSC_0064_zps411d2953.jpg
There were LARPers setting up while we were on location.

 photo DSC_0066_zpsf9174a80.jpg

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I tried my luck at some surfing photography a few months back. It was pretty difficult without a strong telephoto lens. I have a couple telephotos, but nothing like what I would need to take close ups of surfers from top of the cliffs in Santa Cruz. I was stuck on one side of the cliffs, so there weren't a lot of options for angles. Besides those technical issues, it was pretty fun to photograph my friend surfing and I'd like to try again.

 photo DSC_1299_zps11c7ba10.jpg

 photo DSC_1300_zps8d9ee7c3.jpg

 photo DSC_1301_zpsd3b56f2f.jpg

 photo DSC_1303_zpsad6a0865.jpg

 photo DSC_1305_zps180b891c.jpg

Maybe I'll save up (for a few years) and get one of these 300mm bad boys:

Nikkor 300mm f/4

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Film is back!

Film is back!

the city is on fire

devil rooster

Ok, so film has always been here. I just haven't been getting rolls developed as frequently as I could be. I also haven't been taking as many pictures up until recently. But, I do have more coming and some cute shots from last summer and my 26th Birthday.

These 3 shots are from some really horrible red scale film I bought for some god forsaken reason. I thought it would be a fun experience, which it was, but only for about 3 frames. After that, I was bored with the idea that all the frames would be RED. It was a roll of 36, but I only shot maybe 15 frames before I ended it. These 3 are the best that came off the roll - the rest were really far too dark to make out much. Next time, I will just use a red filter rather than this type of film.
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