Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Studio Failure

Ok, so this wasn't a complete failure but more of a rushed and half-baked attempt to get things done for a project. I have 1 hours to set up the studio, photograph my friend, then drive off to Santa Cruz for an interview.

I really really wish I had access to the studio again so I could redo this. Chelsea and I had a great idea that required me dressing in drag that hopefully we will be able to do sometime in the future. Anyways, here is a behind the scenes look of what we did that day.

On the left, you can see part of the studio and lighting set up. On the right, I just cropped out everything that wasn't Chelsea and the background. I didn't think through the lighting so things came out a little grey and dark. In hindsight, I should have done digital because I'm more familiar with using a digital camera in a studio. Live and learn!

I thought this was a sweet one of Chelsea. This "failure" made me realize that I really need to practice studio lighting so that I can branch out into commercial work. Chelsea is also a great model! We did a special Halloween themed photo shoot in my garage last October. Click here to check it out!

p.s. Don't forget to enter my giveaway here! Today is the last day to enter!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Favorite Blogs, pt.2

Pt 2 of favorite blogs, view Pt 1 here.

I love California, and I love poetry. Thank god that Devin does too! He writes poetry about California that your children will read in school one day. He also shares some wonderful and interesting things about the history of California.

Image of SF after the 1906 quake.
Another California blog based in San Francisco. CB goes on the cutest excursions around the bay area, has a unique style, makes her own clothes, makes jewelry, and is extra awesome because she made me a sweet hat.

(hat by CB, pic by me)

She does portraits of her friends as zombies! How cool is that?

California artist and sharer of wonderful coast and wilderness images from flickr. I feel like I'm listening to the beach boys on a warm summer beach day when I look at her blog.

enchantment fishing
K. Miller Photographs
Inspirational photographer who recently quit her day job to become a full time photographer. I want to do that some day.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Favorite Blogs pt. 1

Since I quit doing the button swap, I forgot that there hasn't been a way for any follower to see what blogs I enjoy. They're great for inspiration, tips, community, sharing, idea swapping, enjoyment, and much more. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order:

One of the first blogs I ever followed and what a gem it is. I don't know these bloggers at all, but I love everything they've ever posted and secretly wish we were friends because they post vidoes of the spice girls. Ah, the internet.

Nothing makes me happier then people who make art, especially painters. Painting is always something I've tried but never really succeeded at, so I really like to check out painter's works and styles. Lexie also shares a lot of work from artists that influence her work or that she likes.

(art by Paul Binnie)
Cat versus Human
Cats are jerks (but I love them anyways) and this blog proves it.

(art by Yasmine of Cat vs Human)
Another one of the first blogs I ever followed. I get all my zombie pop culture updates from here. How else would I have found out about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? I kid you not.

I get a lot of very useful blog design, color use, and html tips from here. This blog is a great resource!

My Four Eyed Fantasy
Career crush blog? I don't know how else to describe it. I want her photography job, she got to photograph Mindy Kaling from the Office!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Off highway 1

Can I just point out the obvious really quick here and say that I love the California coast. There is something so thrilling to me about driving along the windy coast road on a warm day, pulling over to stare at the ocean or eat cheese, bread, and avocados. It's almost like a dream, maybe because it makes me feel so warm like I've just woken up on a Sunday morning... I digress. California does weird things to me sometimes.

I had a great time traveling with my two good friends last Sunday. We drove into Pfieffer park in Big Sur and hiked up to a waterfall. It was one of those trips where someone falls asleep in the back seat because the day is so relaxing. We stopped by one of the many beaches on our return drip and climbed on rocks. The waves were huge and the winter warmth was unreal.

The rockier, the better!

These images are all from instagram. Follow me here!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holga on the Coast

Here is a few dreamy Holga picturs from my jaunt down the California coast... I love driving on highway 1.

I am very happy with the way these three images came out. They look very much like the beach in winter with all the cold blue colors and like fog because of the slightly out of focus subjects. I have become very attached to this little plastic camera. Hurray for film!

I think I may print and frame the first image as a little 6X6 square and put it next to my bed. That way while I fall asleep I can look at it and then dream of the ocean. That idea is very calming to me for some reason.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Busy Times

I have been crazy busy I started my new job. I have a bunch of rolls that I really want to get developed, but I just don't have the time. In 4 days, I was interviewed, offered a job, and moved to Santa Cruz. I've been working full time and am adjusting to everything that just happened.

All of this is good, but it takes time to process. To have some sort of picture update, here are a few instagram photos.

It's hard to see, but dobby the doxen's tongue is sticking out in the last picture XD.

p.s. I have a lot of catchup to do this weekend, and hope to do a post next week about supporting hand made items from some crafty ladies and an update on my holga images.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Process

I've talked a little bit about the print process with pictures, but I started backwards. I began with drying and shared an image of prints hanging in my laundry room. Before that, the prints are washed for quite a while.

This is a behind the scenes look of the washing process. Once I take more pictures of the printing process, I'll show them in order. It's a lot of work and each step takes patience, but boy is it worth it. If you ever get the chance to learn how to print, do it!

p.s. I'll have some more holga images to share this week (unless I left the lens cap on :/ ).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Printing Paper 4

After hiking for a few hours in Point Lobos, I also stopped by Moss Landing State Beach. It was getting colder, the sun was setting, and there was absolutely no wind. I despise windy beach days! With a camera in hand, things can get dangerous really fast with sand and sea spray. Luckily, my short beach trip was sweet and calm. This is a cheesy foot print picture I took that day:

moss landing

I was originally going to do a half art and half commercial project, but now that I have a full time job I have no time to use the school's light studio (required for the commercial half of the project). So now I'm doing a full on art project dedicated completely to California parks. I wanted to do this from the beginning, but thought it would be too ambitious to print 20 pictures by hand. Now, I have no choice but to get things done. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Printing Paper 3

I freaking love Point Lobos! If you live or visit California and find yourself on the central coast, Point Lobos is worth the trip. Especially right now with this oddly warm weather in January. Did I mention that you can see whales from the shore because they stop by Monterey during winter on their way to Alaska? And that there are sea otters? I could talk about this place all day, but I would rather just go there.

Here are some tree prints from the Point Lobos hike I went on last Saturday. They came out a bit high in contrast, so I may have to go back and reprint them if I have time. I need 20 prints for this project by late March and so far I have 6. I'm feeling the pressure!
point lobos 2

point lobos 3

This Saturday I plan on going to Mt Madonna to hike and photograph. It's a beautiful park nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains with gorgeous hiking paths, a few ruins, and meadows. There is also an enclosure of white deer. There were two deer given as gifts to Henry Miller (one of the guys who founded Gilrtoy) who owned the park land. They're kept in a enclosure because they're non-native.

Whats your favorite park?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Printing Paper 2

Here are some photos of rocks from Point Lobos. I'm using the second one for my photo project. I'm planning on taking and developing 20 photos from California state parks, city parks, and county parks, all with a medium format camera. I'm having a great time hiking around and photographing because honestly, I can't think of anything more enjoyable than that. Are there any other hikers and photographers out there in blogging land? <3

Point Lobos 1

point lobos 4

p.s. some good news! I was just offered a full time job that will allow me to live in Santa Cruz again! Things are finally looking up.
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