Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where is the film

Good question. Something to do with money, or lack there of.
However, it is FALL. This is exciting because I get to go explore and forage in the forest for mushrooms. They're free fruits of the decaying ground and they are delicious. Look at these pretty pretty bad boys. These are the two that I want to find the most and make into a soup. King Bolete and a Chanterelle. The bolete looks and kind of tastes like freshly cooked bread and the chanterelle tastes like pumpkin/apricot yum yum.
This isn't me, but this is the dress I will be wearing soon when I make mushroom soup. I have too much fungus spirit.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

fisheye camera

Tree 9 before the lowest limbs were cut. What a tragedy.
Also, my scanner is a tragedy. I need better technology for posting my film pictures online with higher quality. I clean the scanner glass all the time but there are still fuzzies. The light always washes out my photos. What I really would like is one of those fancy add-ons for scanners that can scan negatives in high resolution. That would be friggin' sweet.
Camera update: The shutter is a little sticky and definitely needs to be cleaned, but the camera does work. I just need to buy film and test out another role before I fork out money to have my camera checked out. pfft.
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